Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The New Statesman, a liberal British magazine, hit a new low when it recently published the article "The Worst Man in the World?" with the caption: "Paul Wolfowitz: the World Bank boss and his secret regime." How can any sane human being even conceive of such a question? Mr. Robert Calderisi is the scribe of this travesty.

But this is the same man who remarked in his article, Reflections on our Southern Neighbors in the Concordia University Magazine:

Three days after the terrorist acts I attended a concert at the Kennedy Center and was chilled — not moved — by the sight of the Stars and Stripes hanging over the stage and the sound of the national anthem being played before the concert. It was an all-Beethoven program, which added to the incongruity of the symbolism.

I suppose it is fitting for a blind man to walk from anti-Americanism to laughable inanity in nearly five years time.

Apparently, this Canadian cannot comprehend the monstrous evil of dictatorship or mass murdering or terrorism or enslaving an entire gender to anonymity and repression. This incapacity surely skews his analyses of the threats posed by nations like Iran and Islamo-fascists worldwide.

For an established magazine to run such a piece is reason enough to ignore the New Statesman from now on, much as the people who have endured the evil of Communism not so long ago now ignore Pravda.

(Hat Tip - my first - to the humorists of Hatemonger's Quarterly.

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